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Running From The Sun

RRP $13.99

The Overlords have taken over the Earth and all the adults from Shrane's village are taken away. Shrane and his friends must band together to overthrow the Overloards.

Running Like A Girl

RRP $22.99

Funny and honest, this is the story of how an ordinary, curvy woman ended up running five marathons.

Alexandra Heminsley had high hopes: the arse of an athlete, the waist of a supermodel, the speed of a gazelle. Defeated by gyms and bored of yoga, she decided to run.

Her first attempt did not end well.

Six years later, she has run five marathons in two continents.

But, as her dad says, you run with your head as much as with your legs. So, while this is a book about running, it's not just about running.

You could say it's about ambition (yes, getting out of bed on a rainy Sunday morning counts), relationships (including talking to the intimidating staff in the trainer shop), as well as your body (your boobs don't have to wobble when you run). But it's also about realising that you can do more than you ever thought possible.

Very funny, very honest and very emotional, whether you're in serious training or thinking about running for the bus, this is a book for anyone who after wine and crisps for supper a few too many times thinks they might . . . just might . . . like to run like a girl.

About the Author

Alexandra Heminsley is a journalist, broadcaster and ghostwriter. She lives in Brighton.

Running For Beginners

RRP $16.99

Running for Beginners, a Guide to Successful Running for Health, Fitness, and Pleasure

Everything You Will Need to Know About Running for Beginners Do you yearn to get fitter but don't know where to start? Well running is the perfect way in which to start. All you need to get started area good pair of trainers and some running clothes. There is no monthly gym membership to pay out for so it makes running not only good for your health but also good for the bank balance too.Whatever the initial motivation, the desire to get fit and improve your health is usually the driving force for people wanting to start running . Anyone can start running, even if all you can manage to start with is a light jog around the block then you are on your way to a healthier and fitter life. This guide is all about getting out there and getting started and taking back control of your health. So if you have come here looking for advice and tips on getting started running as a beginner then you have come to the right place.

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • How To Get Started On Your Running Journey
  • Selecting The Right Training Kit
  • Essential Information To Get You Started
  • The Health Benefits of Running
  • Do's and Donts of Running
  • Preparing and Warming Up
  • Foods to Power Your Running
  • Staying Motivated
  • Running Preparation
  • and much more!
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