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Running Down A Dream

RRP $13.99

"Handsome athletic male werewolf, 450 (give or take a decade or two) seeks female werewolf, 18-?, for happily-ever-after. Flexible on hobbies, looks, and species." Jock has been a carefree bachelor for centuries, enjoying a warrior's life with the boys, fighting enemies and each other and enjoying the occasional debauchery. He's lived rough and it shows. But finding his mate changes his outlook. He's willing to give up his wild ways and settle down. Unfortunately for him, the "lucky" lady isn't convinced that she wants such a fixer-upper. In fact, Vanessa is determined to leave him in the dust, literally and figuratively. And even if Jock can convince her to stay, there's the little worry that, instead of accepting her, the pack will opt to kill her instead....

Running A 5k

RRP $12.99

This book details how to start your running programme and specifically covers the steps necessary to tackle the 5k distance. This is an ideal distance to start with as it only requires on average 30 minutes of running Following the advice offered in this book will enable you to start running and be fit enough to be running a 5k race within 8 weeks. In this book you will find all the main areas that need to be covered to take someone from no running experience to being able to run 5k in a reasonable time. Topics such as, .The Benefits of running, .Preparation - the essentials, .Training - following the plan, .Racing - how to approach your first race, .Evaluating - taking stock of how you ran, .Injuries and how to prevent them, .Exercises - some essential ones for runners and more.... Following the simply laid out information will enable anyone to start running and enjoy the experience of entering their first 5k race."

A Running Man

RRP $18.99

A story set in the late times of the "old west." A boy commits a heinous crime, is caught, tried and convicted of rape and murder and is sentenced to life in prison rather than hanging. An escape is arranged by his father and he successfully escapes and runs to the north of Yuma in the Arizona Territory. The chase is on with Ralph Forney and Ross Hendershot, two close friends, leading the attempts to capture the young man. That is only natural since Ralph's daughter was the victim of the crime. Hired guns, shoot outs and the descriptions of the characters and their lives as well as Arizona of the 1890's make this a fast paced read that is rapid fire in nature.


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