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Endurance Running

RRP $268.99

Running is a fundamental human activity and holds an important place in popular culture. In recent decades it has exploded in popularity as a leisure pursuit, with marathons and endurance challenges exerting a strong fascination.Endurance Running is the first collection of original qualitative research to examine distance running through a socio-cultural lens, with a general objective of understanding the concept and meaning of endurance historically and in contemporary times.

Adopting diverse theoretical and methodological approaches to explore topics such as historical conceptualizations of endurance, lived experiences of endurance running, and the meaning of endurance in individual lives, the book reveals how the biological, historical, psychological, and sociological converge to form contextually specific ideas about endurance running and runners.

The book explores endurance as a wider socio-cultural phenomenon, making it useful reading for anybody researching across the entire spectrum of endurance sports, and is fascinating reading for anybody working in the sociology of sport or the body, cultural studies or behavioural science.

The Camper's Guide To Outrunning The Grim Reaper

RRP $15.99

Pat Kanis was approaching sixty and a self-described "uptown girl" when she tied the knot again with a charming widower. She'd barely said "I do" before her nature-loving husband, Tom, purchased a twenty-three-foot travel trailer for a cross-country trip.

In theory, Pat liked traveling and spending time outdoors. But then she discovered that Tom thought that details like running water, good weather, and four walls attached to a foundation were optional luxuries when camping.

As the two drove across the country, visiting national parks and monuments and assorted friends and relatives, they encountered both hellish landscapes and unexpected patches of paradise. Pat got her fill of public showers, aggressive truck drivers with apparent death wishes, and dinosaur bones, and she seriously questioned her husband's definition of a good time.

Through it all-the biting grasshoppers, the ponds full of dead frogs, the psychotic cats under beds-Pat kept her sense of humor, and in the end, she learned that some of life's most wonderful moments stem from those you cannot control.

This hilarious, feel-good memoir will appeal to readers who enjoy a good travel yarn, whether they share Tom's incurable wanderlust or Pat's preference for the comforts of home.

Running On A Patchwork Of Earth

RRP $10.99

AJ is one of the best runners in his school - which is one of the best athletics training grounds in the world. He's devastated when his parents suddenly move him to cold, wet London, and he finds himself facing a very alien life, and hostility from the school bully. When the bully's father, a washed-up drinker who used to be a runner, takes an interest in AJ's training, it might make all the difference to AJ - or it might just make things a lot worse.


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