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Antioxidants In Muscle Foods

RRP $561.99

A complete guide to the use of dietary antioxidants in muscle food products Advances in food and animal science have given rise to a variety of nutritional strategies for improving the quality of muscle food products, from livestock to fish. Antioxidants in Muscle Foods describes a new methodology in this emerging field, which involves the use of dietary antioxidants to improve meat quality while avoiding exogenous food additives or packaging procedures. Through expert contributions by leading scientists from around the globe, this important book answers questions about the science and technology, benefits, and concerns associated with antioxidant supplementation in muscle foods. Photographs, illustrations, charts, and tables accompany in-depth discussions on:<br> * Oxidative processes in muscle foods<br> * Dietary strategies for improving the oxidative stability of muscle foods<br> * The beneficial impact of vitamin E supplementation on meat quality<br> * Economic and safety implications of nutritionally modified meat<br> * Food industry applications involving meat, poultry, and seafood<br> * Animal nutrition and muscle biochemistry<br> * New areas where nutritional strategies can improve meat quality

Move A Muscle. Change A Mood.

RRP $18.99

Did you know that moving your body every day can actually make you smarter? Or that there is a fruit that can boost your metabolism, neutralize the acid in your stomach and give you extra energy? Learn a simple way to cut your sugar cravings. Find out how to live longer, weigh less and have a reduced risk of heart disease. "Move a Muscle, Change a Mood" is written in an easy to follow format. At the end of each chapter Betsy gives her "Bets kept secret" along with a proactive action step for you to complete. Read this easy to follow guide and enjoy a lifetime of a happier, healthier and stronger you!

Don't Move A Muscle!

RRP $13.99

Don't miss the frights and fun as Cora faces her fears in a spooky sculpture garden in this mind-bending Creepover tale.

Cora Nicolaides is panicking: It's just three weeks until the school dance, and she's the only one of her friends without a date! But then Cora meets Evan. Evan is cute and smart, and he even encourages Cora to volunteer with him at the nearby sculpture garden after school. Cora's friends think the garden is creepy-some of the sculptures look a littletoo lifelike. Cora isn't about to let a few weird statues come between her and her crush, but deep in the garden, Cora might just learn that some stones are better left unturned.

This terrifying tale is rated a Level 4 on the Creep-O-Meter.


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