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Promoting Health In Schools

RRP $244.99

Covering all aspects of health and wellbeing including physical, emotional and social health, this book will help schools to encourage children to make positive life choices. It links directly to Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and the National Healthy Schools Standard, and there are lots of: - photocopiable resources - lesson plans - case studies of good practice - useful forms, which can be adapted to suit your setting. This book is full of practical guidance on all aspects of PSHE, including dealing with bullying and family disharmony, and how to encourage good hygiene. Drawing directly from her experience as a school nurse and independent nurse consultant, Emma Croghan provides a clear framework for teachers, school nurses and education professionals to work together. Headteachers, class teachers, School Nurses and PSHE Co-ordinators wishing to attain the National Healthy Schools Standard will find this book essential reading.

Health Law's Kaleidoscope

RRP $457.99

Within contemporary society, a number of themes (globalisation, health and regulation) interlock in complex patterns, changing in response to the mix of cultural differences, regulatory preferences and available resources. To turn the kaleidoscope and to change the mix, is to change the pattern. This book is about those patterns as they arise in the contemporary legal, health and ethical context. It seeks to explore the transformations and challenges brought by technological change - both its positive and negative effects - and to consider regulatory options in the contemporary global village. This book seeks to identify the core values and concerns that inform current debates in health law and regulation. The book will not provide a recipe for new legislation but rather a vision of the concerns and values that will guide such legislation into the future.

Eat Your Greens, Goldilocks : A Story About Eating Healthily

RRP $9.99

It's your favourite classic fairy tales with a twist. QED delivers an encouraging message about good health and hygiene in this new series.

In Eat Your Greens, Goldilocks! the three bears play host to a very fussy eater. Goldilocks only likes things 'just so', and she hates eating vegetables! But the bears are determined to give her a healthy meal.

About the Author

STEVE SMALLMAN has been illustrating children's books for 20 years and started writing for children 10 years ago. He is the winner of the 2009 Sheffield Children's Book award.

Fascinated by colour from an early age, BRUNO ROBERT attended the National School of Fine Arts in Caen, France. Alongside his previous experience in the multimedia market, he has completed numerous commissions and has had his work published by Atlas, Hachette Children's Books, Milan Jeunesse and Larousse to name but a few. Bruno now works for the press and various publishing agencies in his hometown of Normandy.


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