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Needs Assessment In Public Health

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The assessment function of public health is essential in the development of appropriate policy and programmatic solutions to persistent and emergent public health concerns. However, few public health professionals are adequately trained in these activities.
This text follows the typical sequence of an actual needs assessment process. Case studies are used to illustrate conceptualization of the task through the application of needs-based data to effective public health solutions. Examples are drawn from myriad public health efforts, recognizing that not all public health sector agencies bear direct responsibility for all activities that could be considered part of public health.
This volume has been designed to serve both students and practitioners interested in improving their understanding and skills in the area of needs assessment.

Healthy Diet Journal

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Transform your life in 2015 with the help of this healthy diet journal. Tracking nutrition can really help you maintain a healthy weight and stay on track throughout the New Year and beyond! Being aware of what you are eating can also help you identify nutritional deficiencies that may be present. Track your water intake as well as your fruit and vegetable consumption, exercise and more! The interior contents of the journal feature a fill-in-the-blank design to guide you along your journal. Fill in your weight, goals, feelings and other pertinent information as you take steps to transform your life. You'll see a section specifically for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks along with sections to track protein, carbs, fats and calories. As you scroll down to the next page you'll see a section for Fitness. Feel free to track your workouts and reps and take notes as you see fit. The next section focuses on mindset. There is space to write down how you feel each day. Certain foods can affect your mood and you'll also be able to identify the foods and activities that make you feel the most content if you fill in this section. (Jumbo 8 x 11 size) Designed for people who want more room to write down their fitness and health goals, needs and more! There is plenty of space for tracking calories, fat, carbs, protein and more. Of course, you can just track calories. BONUS: 20+ bonus pages of graphing paper is found at the end of this journal for graphs, mini dream boards, lists, art or anything you would like to add to this journal.

10 Herbs For Happy, Healthy Dogs

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Are you curious about using alternative health care for your dog, but not sure where to start?  Let herbalist Kathleen Green be your guide!  In10 Herbs for Happy, Healthy Dogs, Brown identifies 10 of the safest and most versatile herbs to use with dogs.  You'll find everything you need to know to prepare herbal remedies at home and administer them to your dog, including how to calculate the proper dosage.  You'll also find a wide array of herbal remedies designed for everything from soothing hot spots to relieving bowel problems to healing cuts and scrapes.  You can even make daily herbal boosters - nature's vitamins! - to help your dog stay at the peak of health for a lifetime.


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