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Housebound Dogs: How To Keep Your Stay-at-home Dog Happy & Healthy

RRP $7.95

Dog-Proof Your Home and House-Proof Your Dog!

Does leaving your dog home alone result in broken lamps, chewed shoes, and warm puddles on the floor? Or does the thought of your forlorn pup waiting sadly at the door make you want to turn the car around? Help is here.

Stay-at-home dogs are a reality in today's busy world. But with proper training, a dog left home alone is neither lonely nor destructive. InHousebound Dogs, Paula Kephart helps you understand the natural tendencies and insecurities of a housebound dog on its own. With her expert advice and simple training techniques, you can make your home a safe, comfortable, and cheery haven for your canine companion, and your dog will learn to be trustworthy and responsible in the house.

Mental Health Practice In Geriatric Health Care Settings

RRP $257.99

Mental Health Practice in Geriatric Health Care Settings emphasizes the major research and clinical findings realized in five years of research on mental health issues in older urban medical patients, many of whom represent minority groups. Chapters cover the high comorbidity of health and mental health problems in geriatric patients, neuropsychological (or cognitive) assessment, depression, alcohol abuse in health care settings, emerging behavioral medicine issues, and family relations and their tie to medical settings. As a practitioner, you'll find this book helps your practice by representing the first assessment and treatment techniques normed and validated on minority elderly. If you're a professional working in the mental health system, you'll see how to expand your services to health care markets.Mental Health Practice in Geriatric Health Care Settings devotes three chapters to neuropsychological assessment--first, a review of major principles; second, a new test battery for minorities; and third, extensive review on how to use test results in clinical decision making. Other chapters provide valuable information on:
the analysis of outcomes for one thousand 60--103-year-olds
a new validated behavioral treatment method for depression
methods of detection and treatment of alcohol abuse
emerging issues in behavioral medicine, including competency assessments; anxiety and pain disorders; and shaping the referral process
family relations and health care, including caregiving and nursing home placement
nursing home consultation and survival strategies in health care systemsAs Author Peter A. Lichtenberg describes in the Introduction, each chapter in Mental Health Practice in Geriatric Health Care Settings is multidisciplinary, empirically and statistically investigated, and focused upon urban elderly. "In addition, the major objectives are to provide clinicians with new understandings and new assessment and treatment knowledge to utilize in their practices. Finally, this book is hoped to provide clinicians with] information about emerging trends in the field, and effective strategies for practice in healthcare settings."

Air Pollution And Community Health

RRP $453.99

Air Pollution and Community Health A Critical Review and Data Sourcebook Frederick W. Lipfert Air pollution has affected community health since the advent of the industrial age and arguably since the discovery of fire. While organized societies have taken important steps to reduce and control emissions, the quality of the air we breathe today remains a critical concern. Air Pollution and Community Health transforms the major epidemiological works of the past 40 years into a coherent picture of the effects of air pollution on respiration, hospitalization, and mortality. The book re-evaluates these studies to clarify their findings within a consistent analytical framework and to define statistical relationships between various measures of community health and air quality. Lipfert emphasizes observational studies and the quality of the data used. The book is organized by health endpoint rather than by pollutant, beginning with the major air pollution disasters that helped galvanize the environmental revolution. His analysis shows that community air pollution acts primarily to exacerbate existing conditions in susceptible individuals, rather than to create new cases of respiratory disease. He concludes that "the alarms that sounded over 40 years ago are still ringing"--substantial health risks are still presented by the current urban mixtures of air pollution. Many of the studies reviewed suggest that the current ambient air quality standards required by the Clean Air Act fail to protect the health of the most susceptible individuals. Further, because of the role of natural sources of air pollution, questions are raised as to whether complete protection can ever be achieved. The book presents data from many of the epidemiological studies reviewed, including those of the major disasters of 1930-1960. Graphical presentations are featured for easy reference; many new analyses are presented here for the first time. The book also includes introductory chapters on air pollution, statistical analysis, and respiratory physiology, for the convenience of readers who may not be well versed in all of these topics. The major technical chapters on mortality and hospitalization include reviews of the effects of air pollution episodes, time-series analyses, cross-sectional studies, and long-term studies of pollution abatement. The chapters on respiratory function include both the effects of air pollution on function and the role of lung function as an independent predictor of longevity. Air Pollution and Community Health presents one of the first comprehensive analyses of the subject. It should be used to re-examine the effectiveness of air pollution research and control policies in the United States and is essential reading for all professionals involved in air pollution control or public health.


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