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Women In The Gym

RRP $16.99

This book is your A-Z guide to opening and operating a successful woman only fitness business. The womens only market is a 50 billion dollar industry. Jump into this niche market by helping woman to achieve their fitness goals and make a great living doing so.

The Little Book Of Gym Etiquette

RRP $17.95

You set the alarm for 5:00 am, skipped breakfast and braved traffic to get to the gym, only to find your workout Zen crushed by space invaders, super-talkers and gym slobs. You know the type-you'll find them hogging the locker room bench, gabbing loudly on their cell phones, and leaving used tissues and sweaty towels everywhere. Author and New York City attorney Lori Pines loves her daily workout, and thinks we are all entitled to a peaceful, energizing session at the gym-but it would sure help if all gym-goers read this book! Featuring six gym types you don't want to be, this little book will help gym-newbies learn what behavior is OK, and help experienced gym-goers curb their "gym rage" and cope with their less considerate gym mates. Polite gym regulars will have a laugh, and maybe one or two gym "hogs" will find a copy of this book tastefully tucked into their bag!

My First Gymnastics Class

RRP $19.99

Little ones can learn gymnastics on the go with this highly interactive book featuring reassuring text, striking photographs, and foldout pages!

Playful text and striking photographs take readers through their very first gymnastics class! This paper-over-board storybook features foldout pages that use large photographic images to detail the beginning-level gymnastics moves and instructions mentioned in the story. Now, aspiring gymnasts can practice wherever they go!


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