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The Growth Of A Soul

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August Strindberg was a 19th century Swedish playwright who wrote semi-autobiographical works, including classics likeThe Red Room, which was widely considered Sweden's first modern novel.

Growth, The Environment And The Distribution Of Incomes : Essays By A Sceptical Optimist

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This major volume features a key selection of Wilfred Beckerman's work on the determinants of economic growth in the post-war world, income distribution and environmental policy.
Economic growth is the focus of the first part of this volume which includes papers on the causes of differentiated rates of growth in the post-war years, its relationship to welfare, and the desirability of economic growth. The relationship between growth and the state of the environment is the subject of the second part of the volume which includes discussion of the economics of climate change, obligations to future generations and the justification of discounting. In this part of the book, Dr Beckerman also questions the concept of sustainable development. The third part of the book, on inequality and poverty, focuses on the distribution of incomes, the conceptual problems of poverty measurement and the impact of social security payments in Britain. This volume also features an extensive introduction in which the author looks back on his career both as an academic and as a civil servant.

Economic Growth

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How can society improve its living standards? What are the conditions necessary for prosperity? These are the questions that define the essence of growth theory. In this user-friendly book, Olivier de la Grandville provides a fascinating introduction to the theory of economic growth and shows how many results from this field are of paramount importance for society. The classical mechanics of the growth process are carefully explained, with two chapters devoted to the fundamental issue of the substitution of labor for capital in the growth process (co-written with Robert M. Solow, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics). The book also addresses the fundamental question of the optimal investment rate of an economy. In addition, de la Grandville shows us that by unifying the descriptive and normative aspects of growth theory we can generate many fresh insights, including a proof of Adam Smith's 'Invisible Hand' conjecture.


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