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Monetary Union, Employment And Growth : The Impact Of The Euro As A Global Currency

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This text goes beyond the common European-based debates to consider the impact of the Euro as a global currency on the evolution of European labour, product and regional markets.

A Focus On The African American's History Of Enslavement, Contribution To The Growth Of The Nation, And His Struggle To Be Free

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What is Freedom? When is limited Freedom adequate for human satisfaction? It cannot be rationed by those that hate the oppressed. The Constitution is the fundamental document upon which every soul that treads the dirt and pavement of the United States and its territorial possessions walk. This document stretches to length and breadth of the territory where its citizens live and praises the Lord. It provides rights that are not retrievable by the common citizen who desires to control those that are less fortunate than the few. The laws of protection defends against any form of slippage or deviance has the full impact of what freedom brings, from the great Document of Freedom, which is the Constitution of the United States and the Amendments thereof. Since the Nation became the Land of the Free, and since the Reconstruction after the war between the states brought a freedom that has been challenged by those that feel that they are the sole owners or recipients of such freedom, the record has to be set straight. The perpetrators and victims now must enjoy the same degree of freedom. Justice demands equality for all citizens, even if the former slave owners have refused to yield to the laws of the Land that guarantees the rights to all citizens. They have attempted to slice some of the rights from the Constitution in the name of States Rights. Since the time we elected Barak Obama as President, they have attempted to put more pressure on the system in terms of identification at the voting booths. We are proposing that in every state the question should be asked, what are the voting requirements? Once we receive the requirements we should mobilize our churches to assist in the follow-thru ensuring that the voting process is effectuated. We should ask the federal authorities to provide some oversight in some cases.

Population Growth, Employment And Poverty In Third-world Mega-cities

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This study deals with problems and policy options facing Third World mega-cities. It examines the major sources of urban population growth and spatial concentration, and analyzes the conflict between economic efficiency and decentralization. It also assesses the implications of rapid urban population growth for employment generation and poverty alleviation, discusses the relationship between urban poverty and access to housing and basic social services, and examines the problems of resource mobilization to finance urban programmes. The analysis is based on data gathered from several Third-World mega-cities, thus providing a comparative analysis of mega-city problems, and suggests the direction in which future policies need to be developed to deal more effectively with these problems. Other works by A.S. Oberai include "Changes in the Structure of Employment with Economic Development", "State Policies and Internal Migration in Developing Countries: Studies in Planned and Market Economies"; "Migration, Urbanization and Development", "Land Settlement Policies and Population Redistribution in Developing Countries: Achievements, Problems and Prospects" and "Assessing the Demographic Imp


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