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Capital Accumulation And Economic Growth In A Small Open Economy

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Economic growth is an issue of primary concern to policy makers in both developed and developing economies. As a consequence, growth theory has long occupied a central role in economics. In this book, renowned growth theorist Stephen J. Turnovsky investigates the process of economic growth in a small open economy, showing that it is sensitive to the productive structure of the economy. The book comprises three parts, beginning with models where the only intertemporally viable equilibrium is one in which the economy is always on its balanced growth path. Empirical evidence suggests relatively slow speeds of convergence so the second part of the book looks at several alternative ways in which transitional dynamics may be introduced. In the third and final part, the author applies the growth model to the issue of foreign aid, focusing specifically on whether aid should be untied or tied to the accumulation of public capital.

Dynamics Of Endogenous Economic Growth

RRP $534.99

This book is concerned with the methods by which the dynamics of endogenous economic growth systems may be analysed and numerically computed, and with the validation of such numerical computations through qualitative economic reasoning. The methods comprise linearisation, phase-space analysis and a variety of numerical integration techniques. In particular, the book provides a detailed examination of the transitional dynamics (the movement from some current state towards a steady-state equilibrium) of the influential endogenous growth model from Paul Romer's 1990 Journal of Political Economy article: "Endogenous Technological Change".

A Theory Of Economic Growth

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Provides an in-depth treatment of the overlapping generations model in economics incorporating production. Chapter 1 investigates competitive equilibria and corresponding dynamics: existence and uniqueness of equilibrium, global dynamics of capital (including poverty traps), and various extensions of the model. Chapter 2 analyzes the optimality of allocations in this framework, using both the value function and marginal approaches. Optimality with unbounded growth is also analyzed. Policy issues including the Second Welfare Theorem, pensions, government spending, and optimal taxation, are discussed in chapter 3. The notion of public debt is introduced in chapter 4 and the sustainability of policies with budget deficits/surpluses is examined. The last chapter presents extensions of the model including altruism, education/human capital, and habit formation. Methodological emphasis is put on using general preferences and technologies, on the global study of dynamic aspects of the model, and on furnishing adequate tools to analyze policies involving inter-generational transfers.


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