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Population Growth, Employment And Poverty In Third-world Mega-cities

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This study deals with problems and policy options facing Third World mega-cities. It examines the major sources of urban population growth and spatial concentration, and analyzes the conflict between economic efficiency and decentralization. It also assesses the implications of rapid urban population growth for employment generation and poverty alleviation, discusses the relationship between urban poverty and access to housing and basic social services, and examines the problems of resource mobilization to finance urban programmes. The analysis is based on data gathered from several Third-World mega-cities, thus providing a comparative analysis of mega-city problems, and suggests the direction in which future policies need to be developed to deal more effectively with these problems. Other works by A.S. Oberai include "Changes in the Structure of Employment with Economic Development", "State Policies and Internal Migration in Developing Countries: Studies in Planned and Market Economies"; "Migration, Urbanization and Development", "Land Settlement Policies and Population Redistribution in Developing Countries: Achievements, Problems and Prospects" and "Assessing the Demographic Imp

Shaped Crystal Growth

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The monograph "Shaped Crystal Growth" by V. A. Tatarchenko is the first systematic of the macroscopic crystallization theory. The theory is based on the stable­ statement growth conception, which means that self-stabilization is present in the system, with growth parameter deviations occurring under the action of external perturbations attenuating with time. The crystallization rate is one of the parameters responsible for crystal defect formation. Steady-state crystal growth means that crystallization­ rate internal stabilization is present, thus allowing more perfect crystals to grow. Most important is the fact that the crystal shape (an easily observed parameter) is one of the stable-growth characteristics when growing crystals without any contact with the crucible walls. This means that constant-cross-section crystal growth is to a certain extent evidence of crystallization process stability. The principles of the stable crystal growth theory were developed by the author of the monograph in the early 1970s. Due to the efforts over the past 20 years of V. A. Tatarchenko, his disciples (V. A. Borodin, S. K. Brantov, E. A. Brener, G. I. Romanova, G. A. Satunkin et al) and his followers (B. L. Timan, 0. V. Kolotiy et al) the theory has been completed, which is demonstrated by this monograph. The characteristic feature of the theory is its trend towards solving practical problems that occur in the process of crystal growth.

The Ethic Of Zero Growth

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A manifesto calling for an end to our addiction to heedless growth. More than an economic theory, Zero Growth represents a new ethic, an ethic which utilizes the capabilities unique to mankind - rationality, compassion, sacrifice - to build a world of progress and prosperity for this generation and the next.


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