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My 21-day Journey To Develop A Habit Of Fitness & Exercise

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This book provides intimate details of an obese woman's journey to develop a habit of fitness and exercise. Additionally, the book contains a personal journal for others to use as they begin their own journeys to develop a habit of fitness.

Shelbie Strong (tbi Awareness) - A Fitness Journal

RRP $16.99

Shelbie Strong
Dedicated to Shelbie Tewell-Estrada
Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness

An AmiBeFit Fitness JournalA 6-Month FITNESS Journal to help you on your Fitness Journey. Document all things fitness with this inspirational journal. A convenient place to keep track of weight, measurements, exercises, etc. There are even pages for notes each week.

My Fitness Entrepreneur

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Working as a personal trainer for the past 15 years has given me an extremely blessed life and I'm thankful every day that this is my profession. I love the fact that I get paid to positively impact the lives of my clients every single day. I put together this book to to help others achieve a career as rewarding as the one I've experienced. Hopefully this guide will help you find the same joy, satisfaction, and success that I have found in this dynamic profession.

This is my story and I hope you like it. It comes from my heart.


Table of Contents:

Section 1: Education and Certifications
--- Step 1. Meet current health and fitness professionals in your community.
--- Step 2. Get your education.
Section 2: Training Philosphy
--- Step 1. Set rules for working with your clients.
--- Step 2. Set rules for yourself.
Section 3: Preparing for Business
--- Step 1. Create an availability schedule.
--- Step 2. Decide what services you will be specializing in and what will be included in your plans.
--- Step 3. Decide how you will get paid.
--- Step 4. Create your client information database.
Section 4: Advertising Your Services
--- Step 1. Create a website for your business (I'll show you how to do this in less than two hours total).
Section 5: The Power of Testimonials
--- Step 1. Get testimonials and list them on your website.
Section 6: Closing Your Leads and Sample Pricing Plans
--- Step 1. Prepare for the initial meeting.
--- Step 2. Learn how to direct a typical conversation with a new potential client.
Section 7: Maintenance and Growth
--- Step 1: Steadily build your client base.
--- Step 2. Don't ever lose focus of your clients.
Health and Fitness Evaluation Form
Personal Trainer Contract
Session Completion Signature Sheet
Case Study: How to Open a Gym or Fitness Training Facility (the blunt truth).
--- 1. Estimate your expenses and revenue.
--- 2. Raise capital.
--- 3. Be prepared to work.
Top 16 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make
About the Author - Ahmed "Gino" Erguigue
--- My story
--- About me


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