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Weight Loss and Exercise Myths -- Test Your Fitness IQ

You've tried virtually every "diet" you can think of and still haven't lost weight. Or, perhaps you've lost weight only to quickly gain it back. You feel like you are in a never-ending battle that you just can't win. Does this sound familiar? Stop beating yourself over the head in frustration! More than likely you just aren't armed with the right information to help you be successful in reaching your weight loss goals. There are so many diet misnomers floating about that it's easy to feel like your drowning. The first step toward success is distinguishing fact from myth and using the power of knowledge. To help you get started on the path to permanent weight loss and healthy living, read below to learn what's true and what's false in the world of diet and fitness. Take the quiz below to test your knowledge and you'll learn what it really takes to beat the scale. Read each question and answer true or false. Then read below to find out whether or not you guessed right.

1. Skipping Meals Is a Good Idea

2. You Can Spot Reduce Certain Parts of Your Body

3. Eating Late At Night Makes You Fat

4. If Something Is Fat Free, You Can Eat As Much As You Want

5. Eating Less Than 1200 Calories Will Accelerate Weight Loss

6. Salads Are Always A Great Eating Out Choice

7. You Can Lose and Maintain Weight Without Exercise

8. If You Only Lose One Pound A Week You Need A New Diet

9. You Shouldn't Exercise Every Day


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